Kontiki Winds signs MoU with SeaTwirl

Published: 15. May 2023

Kontiki Winds has, together with SeaTwirl, entered a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to explore new opportunities in the market, to implement offshore wind into new and existing Oil and Gas assets and micro grid applications such as the powering of fish farms, desalination plants and/or other small-scale applications that currently are based on fossil fuel electricity generation.

Kontiki Winds, a Havfram company, is an early-stage offshore wind technology developer and electrification enabler, focused on decarbonizing the global energy mix and driving a greener economy. Kontiki Winds recognizes the increasing demands for electrification over a wide range of industries, and has over the past year, entered into collaboration with a range of complementary technology and service companies to enhance their electrification capabilities.

SeaTwirl has a unique and patented solution for floating wind power. This is while each constituting part of the turbine is proven technology. Most floating concepts being tested are traditional horizontal-axis turbines mounted on some form of floating structure. A lot suggests though, that vertical-axis wind turbines are more suitable for marine environments. The simplicity of the design and low centre of gravity are the big advantages. All moving parts and electrical systems are easily accessible close to the water’s surface, lowering maintenance costs.

SeaTwirl’s vertical axis solution is a simple, robust and cost-effective design that leads to lower service and maintenance costs compared with other traditional wind turbines. Together with the properties displayed at park level, SeaTwirl has a very competitive solution to offer developers of future floating windfarms.

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”In Kontiki Winds we have a collaboration partner that really is the perfect match for us. Kontiki Winds and their partners know everything there is to know about electrifying offshore assets with wind power and we have wind turbine technology that is ideal for such applications. It will be truly exciting to launch this collaboration and accelerate the decarbonization of Oil & Gas, fish farms, desalination plants and other suitable assets.” Johan Sandberg, CEO SeaTwirl.

“With SeaTwirl we have found a field tested solution for Offshore Wind Generation that fills a gap in the current market offering. We believe decentralised, easily installed and locally produced power will play a key role in the future energy mix and can’t wait to start exploring this further with SeaTwirl.” Eyvin Svendsen, VP Electrification Kontiki Winds.