Electrifying the future through offshore wind

Kontiki Winds, a Havfram company, is an early-phase offshore wind developer and electrification enabler, focused on decarbonising the global energy mix and driving the green economy.

«Kontiki Winds is committed to growing Havfram’s offshore wind development capabilities, and delivering on its ambitions to become a leading player in the offshore wind market.»
– Emilie Reeve, CEO/EVP Kontiki Winds
Kontiki Winds is owned by Havfram, a pure play offshore wind company focused on providing transport, installation and development services for the offshore wind sector. Havfram is majority owned by Sandbrook Capital, a leading climate fund led by an experienced team determined to combine consistent financial returns and real climate impact.

At Kontiki Winds, we are passionate about building a cleaner, more sustainable future through the development of offshore wind projects and electrification of fossil fuel intensive operations. Our team brings together expertise in engineering, project management, and renewable energy to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that make offshore wind a viable source of energy. We are committed to working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to deliver projects that not only generate clean, renewable energy but also support local communities and economies. Our focus on sustainability and responsible development ensures that we are always considering the environmental and social impact of our projects. 

Our subsea construction expertise is a key differentiator for us. With our experience in this field, we are able to overcome the challenges that come with building projects in deep waters and harsh environments. This expertise enables us to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. We believe that offshore wind has a critical role to play in reducing carbon emissions and meeting the world's growing energy demand sustainably. Our vision is to be at the forefront of the energy transition, developing innovative solutions that will help accelerate the move towards a low-carbon future.

Innovative, effective approach

Reduction of emissions demands innovative solutions

Global expertise

Combining decades of experience in offshore wind and subsea business

Responsible developer

Committed to protecting people and environment

Focused electrification through offshore wind

Decarbonising fossil fuel intensive operations