Leading the charge for a green economy with innovative offshore wind solutions

Kontiki Winds is an independent, early-phase developer focused on expanding the global offshore wind market

«The global drive to reduce emissions demands innovative solutions for both new and existing operations. We are focused on advancing offshore wind globally by de-risking emerging offshore wind development opportunities.​»
– Emilie Reeve, CEO/EVP Kontiki Winds

Offshore wind development

Leveraging our deep offshore wind industry knowledge, together with our offshore oil and gas construction expertise, we are focused on advancing offshore wind globally by de-risking emerging offshore wind development opportunities.​

​Kontiki Winds’ development activities will principally focus on:​

  • Global markets, with a particular focus on emerging market opportunities ​
  • Commercial scale (>300MW) projects​
  • Early-stage development through both site identification and acquisition.​
  • Active consideration of alternative offtake mechanisms​
  • Novel forms of construction and operation​

​Kontiki Winds is currently developing several projects both independently and through Joint Ventures. Opportunities for development collaboration activities are considered on a project- and portfolio- basis.​

Offshore wind electrification

Our aim is to accelerate the worlds need to reduce fossil fuel power generation by leveraging offshore wind to electrify fossil fuel intensive operations.

Floating offshore wind harnesses a green, clean resource that enables the electrification of oil and gas assets, while also supporting micro grid applications such as shore-based heavy industry, including new energy production (Green Hydrogen and Ammonia) and remote island states which currently rely on fossil fuel power generation.

Electrification through floating offshore wind enables adopters to meet and exceed; industry, government, and internal emission reduction and sustainability goals. Our solution:

  • Supports decarbonization
  • Improves energy security
  • Mitigates against fossil fuel dependency and price fluctuations for island states
  • Expedites deployment
  • Fast tracks the innovation and adoption of floating wind technology
  • Establishes a scalable supply chain for future large-scale offshore wind projects
  • Creates a legacy of employment opportunities